Shutoku Shooting Guard
Name:Shintarō Midorima.
Sixteen years of age.
Relationship: Taken by Future Wife
M!A: None
"Man proposes, God disposes. I am a man that proposes."
{Indentpent RP blog for Midorima.}
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My muse has shrunk yours down to the size of a doll. What does your muse do next?


Submitted, by Anonymous

put a letter in my ask

  • ‎A - Available?
  • B - Birthday?
  • C - Crushing on?
  • D - Drink you last had?
  • E - Easiest person to talk to?
  • F - Favourite song?
  • G - Grade i hated?
  • H - Hometown?
  • I - Icecream flavour?
  • J - Jellybean flavour?
  • K - Killed someone?
  • L- Longest friendship?
  • M - Milkshake flavour?
  • N - Number of siblings?
  • O - One wish?
  • P - Person who called me last?
  • Q - Question your always asked?
  • R - Reason to smile?
  • S - Song i last sung?
  • T - Time you woke up?
  • U - Umbrella colour?
  • V - Very best friend?
  • W - Which celebrity i’d marry?
  • X - X rays i had?
  • Y - Your last time you cried?
  • Z - Zodiac sign?
5 months ago

Ooc; if Midorima, kuroko and Kise are the only generations that can’t get into the zone I will piss on everything you all love!

May 14
5 months ago

Having a sleepover is a bad idea nanodayo.
Ps : Midorima sleeping like a boss.Ps Ps : Did anyone realized that Kyoshi has a pineapple?
5 months ago

Cute Takao
5 months ago

I’m crying. :’D
5 months ago



once there was Midorima the frog


then he meet Takao the human


they smooch


and suddenly… WOW!



what the fuck am i doing

5 months ago
pindanglicious asked: miss leona, do you know some places where i can find midorima x fem!takao pictures? xDD i was obsessed with fem!Takao recently hehe


I’m not particularly fond of fem!Takao or fem!Midorima, but I found some pics for you that I personally liked when I checked the tag on pixiv. I included the credits as well.

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5 months ago